Change the world with empathy and compassion

I work best with women who feel beat down and burnt out. In this society that seems to be nearly every woman I meet!  If you are one of those beat down people, congratulations! You have been summoned by your own Soul to come back Home! Your body is asking you to take charge of your power and come back to your peace.

Unfortunately it’s going to get messy, it’ll be unpredictable, and it will require you to be vulnerable and very human. What it will also be is freeing! It will require you to learn a new way of living.

What would it feel like to know what you need and be able to fill those needs? What would it feel like to say no and feel goooood about it? How would life be different if you felt peaceful even when things weren’t going your way?

Let me tell you, I was stuck in an unconscious pattern of perfection and high expectations. I constantly felt like I was trying so hard and not keeping up! I felt lost, confused and burnt out. I wanted to give more to my family, friends and community but I just didn’t have it in me. I even had inspiring ideas, but didn’t have the gasoline to back them up!

This is why I’m here today… to be in your corner. To believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself. To cast kindness and love when all you feel is doubt and confusion. To emanate peace when you’re lost in chaos. To sit here, quietly, without pushing you when all you need is a safe place to break down for a while. And then, we rise up together, sister… because nothing makes me feel more alive than seeing another woman recognize her light, power and peace within. Can I get an A-flippin-men to that?

Dear sweet loves, none of us do this life alone. The human experience is filled with all sorts of uncomfortable and unpredictable things. And what we learned together in this coaching experience is how to roll with that. So how about it?

How would you like to feel accepting of your beautiful self, embrace who you really are and feel empowered to live the life that’s right here in front of you?

Connection calls are designed to help you get a clearer understanding of what your body needs so you can immediately begin feeling more relief in your life.

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