Love it all

Love it all….love every spec, bulge, bump, pimple, scar, insecurity….

The only way to true wholeness is LOVING the things we wanna push away….my body is different without the ability to pump my hefty weights, but guess what? It supports me in just the right ways, even if it’s a strong arm to slow the eff down!

Ya’Il, stress shut down is real….you may think it’ll never happen to you because you workout, sleep well, eat right, hydrate but STRESS starts on the inside! Your body can be in tip top shape and one day crash… I hate fear tactics, so pls don’t confuse my message… my point here is do more than just take care of your body….actually LIVE IN YOUR BODY with kindness towards the things that you wanna push away, notice the internal push and pull of each moment and allow your body to lead you, rather than be the bully of your body. 

Shift from manipulation to trust and and watch your WELL BEING blossom. 

Your body deserves strength and resilience and it also deserves rest and soothing too.