ONE question to SHIFT anxiety

If you’ve ever experienced anxiety, you know that one of the first reactions that pops up is, “make this crap go away!” I get it–and it’s completely normal to want to escape and get out of discomfort! I know this, I’ve suffered myself through massive panic attacks that freaked me out so much, they actually drove me to visit the ER (on multiple occasions)! After multiple doc visits and only medication offered as a solution, I started to think something was seriously wrong with me. I was ashamed, embarrassed…and actually thought I was going crazy. 

It’s one of my deepest passions is to work with women who are trying to build skill in relating to anxiety. I love it for several reasons but a few of those are: 1) NOTHING is wrong with you. Anxiety is a normal part of the human experience and you have done NOTHING wrong. You are not inherently flawed and you’re not crazy! 2) There IS a way through it all! Although medication is sometimes the kindest thing you can do for yourself, I do believe there are OPTIONS. 3) It requires a deep commitment to self-compassion. With any discomfort and suffering I’ve endured it always comes back to the same place (in my experience), self-compassion.

Watch this video where I explain my personal take on anxiety and how we can shift it. 

Here are 3 simple ways you can shift anxiety NOW: 

  1. Instead of saying, “I am anxious” “I have anxiety” etc switch to “I notice sensations of anxiety” or “I am experiencing some anxiety” –this subtle yet powerful shift in linguistics helps you diffuse from being over-identified with your physical, mental and emotional experiences. When you say, “I am anxious,” you really don’t give yourself much breathing room. You are over-identified and pretty much suffocated by anxiety. If you switch your language to, “I am experiencing sensations of anxiety,” suddenly your sense of self shifts and you are NOT your anxiety, you’re simply experiencing some sensations.
  2. Change the word “anxiety” to “discomfort.” The word anxiety is loaded with stories, assumptions, and beliefs. By switching the word to discomfort, which sounds like, “I notice I’m experiencing some physical discomfort,” you take away the loaded stories and beliefs that are wrapped around the word anxiety and you start creating even MORE room for the anxiety to be worked WITH.
  3. Name it to tame it. Get very familiar with what anxiety FEELS like, SOUNDS like, and ACTS like. Why? Because then you’re fully equipped to identify it when it comes up. Remember this: YOU ARE NOT THE ANXIETY YOU ARE EXPERIENCING DISCOMFORT. If you operate from this belief, then you can NAME your experience (discomfort) when it comes up and you can work with it. By confusing yourself as the anxiety, your experience is solid, concrete, permanent and immoveable. By labeling it as an experience (feelings, thoughts, actions) it becomes more fluid, ever-changing and impermanent. Now the anxiousness becomes workable.

I hope this helps! These tips are just scratching the surface but they can be very powerful as you adopt them into your practice. For more information OR to get some direct guidance from me on how to work with anxiety and even FREE yourself from discomfort, schedule a Connection Call! Connection Calls are completely free and you will experience relief to move you forward in life. YES! Schedule ME!

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