This is why women cry when they work with me

I’m not interested in success, I’m interested in aliveness.

I have coached women for over 13 years and the common theme is…. BURN OUT!

Be honest, how many times do you say these phrases:

I can’t get it all done

I’m so overwhelmed

I don’t have enough time

I just can’t seem to …

I’m so frustrated with myself

I should be…

I shouldn’t be…

And these are just a few of the harsh words we use to judge how we’re doing in the world.

Ladies, in this post I want to give you gifts. By the end of this message I want you to feel more of your value than you’ve felt in a while. I wish for you to have hope in your heart and peace in your mind. Let’s begin…

You’re being lied to. That’s right. You get in these desperate corners, thinking you’re not enough and you’ll NEVER be enough. You feel beat down and burnt out and become prey to the marketing of the world around you. You’re right where they want you… feeling low, feeling lack, feeling not enough… and definitely feeling like you’re failing. This is a problem! A big one. You see, the world needs you… it needs your light, your love and your inherent beauty, but all you keep hearing about is how you’re falling short.

Your own self-judgment is suffocating… it rips at your heart, deadens your wisdom and contracts your already tired muscles. But it doesn’t stop there… it burns your financial freedom in that you jump from book to book, program to program, trick after trick… just… trying…to…feel…better…just…trying…to…fix…it…fix…you…

You’re burning out. You, my dear love, have tried and tried and tried and I know this because I was there once. I still go there from time to time, trying to keep up with the expectations of the world. Some of it’s self-pressure, but most of it is the noise around you. The noise that nags at your inbox, facebook ad, instragram…reminding you, again, that you NEED TO CHANGE something.

I’m going to take a new approach. The world doesn’t need another coach PUMPING people up… the world needs a coach that accepts you, just as you are and SEES YOUR LIGHT, regardless of how dim you might think it is. And THAT is why women cry when they coach with me. They’ve never felt the eyes of a loving soul gaze upon them and SEE… see the real them with their flaws and insecurities and dimples and say, “you’re exactly how you’re supposed to be.” Women coach with me because they need a safe place to break down. They can’t do it anymore and they just don’t know how to let go, so they break down. They cry of relief when I hold space for them to be just how they are… and they cry over the fatigue of “keeping up.”

My message: Today is a new day, dear love. Today you’re going to sit… you’re going to put your hand on your chest and feel your heart beat. Feel the warmth of your chest. Feel your lungs fill with air and exhale. Notice you have feet. When is the last time you did this? Be joyful of this invitation! No need to judge when the last time you stopped was. Just be here. Just notice. Your ALIVENESS is your success…it’s already been accomplished, it’s already been created, it’s already here… breathing, vibrating, singing…waiting for you to celebrate it. You have FULL permission to sit here and be accepted just as you are.

I wish I could give you a magic pill that erased all the programing and marketing you’ve absorbed. This isn’t your fault; our culture of doing is delusional and sick. We find our sense of self and our worth through accomplishment, busy-ness and doing. We find our value in our perfections rather than our shared humanity.

It’s time for a new message¬† and a new type of coaching. As the great Joseph Campbell says, “the privilege of a lifetime is being who you are” and THAT is the journey I’m here to coach you through.



Your Burnout Coach… Jenny