The Mind Body Connection


“The mind over matter paradigm is falling apart. Women are no longer buying into the mind/body split! They feel exhausted for this reason…we cannot be integrated and whole if the two polarities are pitted against one another”

-Anodea Judith, PhD



Find out how the Mind Body connection can help you live with more ease, purpose and compassion for yourself and others.


Mind Body Health

Do the little things feel exhausting? What would it feel like to have more ease in your life? How would it feel to be energized by your actions rather than depleted by them?


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Jenny’s coaching has helped me connect mind, body and spirit to open to my heart. We were able to reach places inside where other coaching/therapists had not yet brought me. I was led to ask myself questions that were always present but I didn’t know how to ask them of myself, and most importantly, begin to answer them. Respond in kindness towards myself. Appreciate the strong voice I have developed and the grace and wisdom my years have brought. Yes, this takes some time to work through for some people, that is what Jenny excels at, guiding others through this process in mind body coaching. Highly recommend Jenny!
I have learned that this is a journey and I know there will be more tough times ahead. But the tools Jenny has given me and the skills I have developed as a result have provided a confidence that didn’t exist before. I will be forever thankful for Jenny’s wisdom and guidance. I highly recommend Jenny to anyone who is feeling the weight of anxiety and needs a lifeline.