What is the Mind Body Way?

Your mind and body are inextricably connected. There is no separation despite their different functions. What happens in your thinking is felt by the body and what’s felt by the body influences the mind. The super highway from your head to the rest of the body is bidirectional, and there are many more lanes going TO your head than away. The intelligence of your body is beyond what the mind can conceive!

Our mind always operates from conditions. It cannot “accept” or “be open” because it functions in black and white, good and bad, right and wrong. If we live life only from our minds, we’ll be stuck in a constant game of indecision, judgement, fear, paralysis and even isolation.

The solution isn’t to ignore the mind, but rather to see it for what it is. A thought producing machine that’s main purpose is to keep you alive and safe.

The mind has so many gifts. I’m able to write this content because of my ability to type thoughts into words with my fingers—miraculous if you ask me! But here’s the deal, we live in a culture that values mind OVER body. How many times have you heard the cliché, “Mind over Matter?” This puts us at odds with our bodies and implies we can power over them. Let’s not ignore the great strength of the mind—its power is beyond our current comprehension However, when we place the mind OVER our bodies we lose out on the infinite wisdom of the body that our limited minds cannot attune to!

Our current condition is filled with messages like, “push harder” “do more” “be more” “have more”… this exhaustive state of mind comes from the energy of lack, fear and threat and when we buy into this kind of mental craze our bodies suffer. We can push to no end until the body has it’s final say—and the body will always have the last word. Sometimes we are so bought into the madness of productivity we forget all about our integrity or heart’s desires. We end up in a place where we’ve done a lot, accomplished a lot and yet feel a bit dead inside—or rather, drained to the bone. And for what? Who said life has to be this way?

Your body has the power to feel and perceive beyond the limits of the mind. Being compassionately connected inward can help you feel emotions more fluidly and feel solutions to problems that you didn't know existed! Best of all, you can get all the energy back that you wasted buying into the old paradigm of pushing harder. Life was never meant to be a grind, even the day-to-day tasks can be done with more presence and ease.

The tools and practices I share with my clients are with the intention of integrating mind, emotions, body and soul.

Jenny’s greatest strengths as a coach are the empathy she shows, her deep knowledge of and commitment to her approach, and above all else, the trust she is able to provide that THINGS ARE TRULY GOING TO BE OK. Even if I couldn’t always see the path in front of me, Jenny could. Having a trusted resource who fully understood what was happening inside of me, who could recognize the ups and downs, but yet could always remind me of the bigger picture - it has made all the difference.