Trust that what no longer feels alive will bloom again
Jenny’s approach made me feel immediately comfortable and her personal experience with anxiety gave her instant credibility.


Mind Body Health & Vitality Program

a 4-Month online Group Coaching Program to create lasting energy!

This program is for you if…

  • You feel like life is leaving YOU out of the equation

  • You have wanted to feel better for quite some time

  • Everything takes a tremendous amount of effort

  • The little things feel exhausting

  • You keep wonder, “who takes care of me?”

  • You just want things to feel easier

  • You would like to accomplish things with less effort & more joy

  • You want to be energized by your actions rather than depleted by them


  • Burn Out

  • Anxiety and/or Panic Attacks

  • Chronic and/or Generalized Fatigue

  • Headaches and other Muscle Tensions

  • Mood Swings

  • Flat, Low Energy or Depression

  • Body Dissatisfaction or Disgust

  • Self-Judgement or Self-Criticism

  • Guilt, Shame or Constantly feeling Wrong

  • Low Motivation or Ambition

  • Feeling Not Enough or Unworthy

  • General Irritability

Program Details

  • 90-minute Live Group Coaching Calls (two per month) *if you are unable to make the live call, all calls are recorded for you to revisit

  • Facebook Support Group with Regular Interaction

  • Weekly Journal Exercises & Mind Body Tools

  • Pre and Post Program Homework

  • Weekly Meditations to Clear Fear, Stress & Anxiety

    Investment $458.00 before February 17th

Vitality Option

Receive the full program, PLUS TWO ADDITIONAL hour-long private sessions

This option is for you if you’re looking to receive individual attention on the emotions and thoughts that block receiving true health and vitality

Investment $658.00 before February 17th

All participants that register before February 17th receive these BONUSES

  • Self Love Inspired Workouts

  • Nourishing Meal Plans

Additional Program Details
First Live Call is March 3rd 7-8:30 PM Central

All Live Calls will be the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each Month

Mind Body Health Manifesto

No more choosing our health from fear.

No more choosing our health from the energy of rejection.

It’s time. Our bodies are Demanding we choose from ease and love for ourselves.

Our bodies refuse to be pressured. They refuses to live up to expectations that are rooted in insecurities.

Our bodies are asking for something more fluid.


Mind Body Coaching does not treat OR cure any disease or ailments. instead it provides the love and support we all need when moving through challenging aspects of being a human.

She knew she would never get lost if she trusted her heart.
Hearing from another person, like Jenny, who had been through many of the same challenges as I was going through and who had developed an effective program of self-compassion allowed me to put my trust in her.